May Meeting - New Teams & Draft Schedules

May 21, 7pm, Saco Conference Center. Directions are below.

At this meeting we will be voting on new teams that are applying for entry into SMYFL for 2019, and setting the draft of the 2019 game schedules for all levels.

Each team's SMYFL Representative must attend, or the SMYFL Rep must notify the president and vice president that there will be someone else attending and voting in their place at this meeting.


  • Vote on new teams

  • Fill vacant board positions

  • Nominate a Head Official/Assigner for 2019

  • Determine number of divisions at each level

  • Will the MS level have a 1-team-only division

  • Determine number of games for each division at each level

  • Determine first day of Conditioning Camp for each level

  • Determine which teams are in which division for 2019

  • Draft schedules for all levels

  • Set date for June meeting to finalize schedules

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